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They were handing these out at an Arctic Monkeys themed club night last nightReason #156796 I love living in Sheffield

Little Black Submarines | The Black Keys

But everybody knows
That a broken heart is blind

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 Arctic Monkeys @ Agganis Arena - x
"Humbug Alex in a tank top is what dreams are made of." - a comment on YouTube

Vampire Weekend
  • how my mother works
  • me:mom i got all A's
  • mom:
  • me:mom i cleaned the whole house
  • mom:
  • me:mom i don't do drugs and i'm not pregnant
  • mom:
  • mom:is this your cup on the table?
  • me:yes
  • mom:you never do anything right i do for you all day long and you do nothing for me but stress me out you are so out of control you are grounded if you think you had no life before you just wait i cant believe you treat your own mother this way get out of my sight


"Men don’t like it when women wear …" who cares? who cares? who the fuck cares?

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